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Guide for beginners

Welcome to the guide to survival in the game Fortnite! We will try to talk about all the basic features of the game and discuss everything you need to know for a good start.

Fortnite game

Skill tree (Skill tree)

When you increase the level of your commander, you will receive skill points (Skill points). Skill points will allow you to unlock improvements that will make your heroes stronger. Moving up the tree you will be able to unlock new heroes, improve your main weapon to collect resources, get different damage modifiers, spirit power, slots for inventory, new gadgets and more. Closer to the time when you complete most of the base tree, you will unlock other parts of the tree and you will have even more options.

Research points (Research points) – this alternative currency, which is necessary for the acquisition of certain improvements to the tree.

Heroes (Heroes)

You can play for 4 different classes:

  • Soldier (Commando)
  • Ninja (Ninja)
  • Builder (Constructor)
  • Outlander (Outlander)

Each class has its own unique abilities and shows itself well in something specific. Someone builds faster, someone kills faster, someone collects resources better. Each class can be both female and male. Two classes are available to you from the beginning, and the other two you will have to unlock through the skill tree.

Heroes in Fortnite are the same object as weapons or survivors. You can get heroes as a reward for the mission, as well as a random reward from llamas and other objects. Heroes have different levels of rarity. One and the same hero can have a different set of abilities-each of the heroes has a special prefix and a special color scheme of appearance. Heroes can place in the slots of the Command of the hero (Hero Squad). You can manage heroes, as well as other existing objects, in the vault. You can upgrade and fire your heroes.

Squads (Squads)

During the game you will receive Survivors (Survivors). They are also, like other items, can be different levels of rarity and have different characteristics and bonuses. They can also be improved and fired. Survivors with the same bonuses are better suited to each other in the squad. Open slots for new survivors in the troops can be moving through the tree of skills. Defenders will help you during the defense.

There are two types of squads: a Squad of hero and squad Outpost. Hero squad is available in missions outside the Outpost and Outpost squad is only available during Outpost defense.

Weapons (Weapon)

Weapons in the game there are several types, depending on the ammo used. The game also has a large selection of melee weapons: from ax to guitar. Both weapons and ammunition can be crafted on their own or found in the world. Some weapons can be obtained as a reward for completing the task. Any weapon will lose its strength over time and eventually collapse. After that you need to find or craft new weapons.

Therefore, the main value of the game is not the weapon itself, and its drawing. It can be improved and used for crafting new weapons. Drawings, as well as the weapon itself, you can get a reward for the job as a random reward from the chest or llama, or find in the world.


Magazine (The Journal)

The journal is located in the upper right corner. In it you can find out what your main task is and learn more about it. Also in the magazine you can see secondary tasks, such as daily and tests. Tasks can be displayed on the screen (Pin), to see his progress and condition.

The increase in the level of (Leveling up)

Level up in Fortnite is a universal system for all objects. At higher levels of the heroes, weapons, traps, etc. you will be able to unlock unique bonuses and abilities. For example, let’s look at the weapon. If you click on the drawing of the weapon in the vault, to the right of the statistics you can see bonuses. When you increase the level of weapons you will receive appropriate bonuses when you reach the appropriate level.

The weapons also have ranks (stars). Every 10 levels you need to upgrade weapons to advance to the next 10 levels. Ranks are lock until you unlock the ability to upgrade stars through the skill tree. To increase the rank you will also need a special ingredient that obtain as a reward for missions or by recycling rare items and above.

For heroes system to improve the same. To unlock the next ability, you need to level up the hero. Once you reach level 10, you need to raise the hero’s rank by 1 star. It happens in 10, 20, 30 levels, etc. To increase the rank of hero you also need to first unlock the opportunity in the skill tree.

Resources and ingredients

Resources — one of their most important adnic in Fortnite. The game has three main resources: wood, stone and metal. Of these three types of resources, you can make buildings of three different types. The amount of each of these resources you can carry is limited to 999. It is possible to extract these resources from any objects in the world: a tree from trees and furniture, a stone from stone walls and cobblestones, metal from cars, ore, etc.Resources do not occupy a place in stock.

The ingredients are used for crafting, have different levels of rarity and can also be found in the world. The ingredients will occupy a place in your inventory, like weapons or traps. So do not forget to improve your inventory and increase its capacity. If the inventory is filled, you can disassemble unnecessary items or stack a couple in the Outpost (after opening the relevant skills in the skill tree).

The construction and FORTS

Construction is a key craft in Fortnite. In order to defend the objects and Outpost, you will need to build FORTS and fortifications that will deter zombies. 5 types of structures are available to you: wall, floor/ceiling, staircase, roof and traps. But the number of options for the construction of a wall alone will surprise you. To change the structure of the object, you need to press G. you can do this during the construction of the structure, and after. Structures you can make from three types of resources. It is leads to their strength: the tree is weak, the stone – medium, metal is strong. Each material also protects against the corresponding elements. Later you will be able to improve the walls, roofs, etc., which will make them even more durable. However, be careful-the improvement takes a lot of resources.

Traps – a strategic object, wise location which will allow you to deal with zombies. Place traps on the routes of the zombies or lure them to them walls. Drawings of traps you can also improve. Just make them even more deadly. Traps you can craft yourself, and often find in the world.

Outpost (Outpost)

The Outpost is your main base. You can build your Outpost, and to store in it. Over time, the Outpost can be improved. Each improvement of the Outpost is accompanied by a mission to protect it from zombies. Therefore, you need to build protective fortifications and consider the tactics of defense. Then in the Outpost you will be able to build Amplifiers that will also need to be protected during missions. As a reward for protection of the Amplifier give skill points, so don’t ignore these missions even if the Outpost is in a zone of low complexity.


In the game Fortnite, you will meet with different monsters. In the beginning you will get acquainted with the usual zombies who have little health and hit only in the vicinity. Then there will be more zombies, which will have to kill much longer, and some of them also bring explosive barrels. Also in the game there are monsters who will attack you at a distance with knuckles or burning skulls. On more complex missions you will meet huge monsters who easily demolish walls and which it is difficult to kill even four. In homes you can meet teleported monsters who are easily recognized by the terrifying sounds they make. And there are throwers that will entertain you, throwing you into a zombie Fort. Don’t forget to think over the defense tactics against all kinds of monsters. Otherwise, even a small group of zombies can catch you by surprise.

Map of the missions (Mission maps)

On the mission map you will find available to you to visit the area. They have different types mesnosti (woods, fields, suburbs, town, industrial Park, etc.), different levels of difficulty (from white to red), different types of missions (survive against zombie attacks, rescue survivors, etc.), different required power level of the main base (Home Base Power) and, accordingly, different award. Completing this mission, you’ll gain experience and earn new skill points that you can invest in the skill tree. Don’t forget to move along the main line (Main quest) to unlock new missions and planets.

The power level of the main base depends on many factors: progress in the skill tree, the number and quality of surviving in the units, the quality and level of the hero, etc. Then you have enough to proceed along the skill tree to improve your main character, to replace survivor squad stronger, to improve the strength of the main base.

The Survivors (Survivors)

During the passage of missions you may come across survivors. And sometimes, the whole point of the mission will be to save as many survivors as possible. There are several types of survivors. Stationary, which give bronze reward for their finding. They are usually hide in buildings and are not attack. Fleeing, which is usually give a silver award. To get the reward they need to save it. Drive that are usually found on the roof of the car, expose to multiple zombie attacks and reward for their salvation gold award. Task. Some survivors will ask you to do them a favor: bring an item, build an object, or add a resource. Such survivors are met mainly in the missions of rescue survivors. Weaknesses (Weak Point Vision)

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