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Fortnite review

Review fortnite

review fortnite

The combination of shooter, role-playing game and strategy, in which gamers day will erect defensive construction, and at night fend off attacks hungry zombies.

Game world

The game consists of two continuously changing cycles: day and night. During the day we collect all sorts of objects, building materials and construct with their help an impregnable fortress, and at night repel the attacks of insatiable zombies who want to eat our juicy brains. The game features several story campaigns, they will take 10, 20, and 50 hours. The game world is randomly generates, so you do not have to fight several times on the same map.


So… the main emphasis in the game is made on the construction of buildings. The creators claim that any item found you can use to reinforce your shelter. Curious to evaluate this system in action, because the ingenuity of players has no limits. For a variety of gameplay elements added pumping and crafting weapons. Also, players will be able to set various traps that will delay and destroy the enemy.

Characters and classes

In addition characters in the game are divided into classes that pleases, because each of us has its own taste and preferences. Presented 4 classes of characters, and each has its own advantages: the Designer quickly erects various buildings and spends fewer resources on them; the Scavenger – gets resources faster; the Commander – perfectly manifests itself at a long distance; Ninja – is able to make double jumps and deals huge damage in close combat. Noteworthy is the fact that players will not be enemies to each other. All living must unite in the face of the impending danger from the bloodthirsty zombies.

Fortnite Battle Royale

A few days ago, released a free mode for Fortnite. Someone pointed out that there is no communications in game. Its appearance could well affect sessions for two or even four users. Despite this, the creators of the new mode is recommended to communicate via the shell or the chat built into the operating systems of consoles.

Player stats and leaderboard, according to the Epic team, will appear in the survival simulator in mid-November 2017. When the authors of Battle Royale asked whether there will add a first-person mode, which recently appeared in Playerunknown’s Battleground, they replied that such mechanics do not fit into the project like this game.

Finally, game developers talked about measures against scammers. Decision of the Studio proved tougher methods the creators other games the recent mechanics perpetual ban from Blizzard. Epic team has not yet explained what actions in the Battle Royale mode are considered unacceptable, but nevertheless stated that the caught cheaters on the servers of games Studio entrance ordered.

Reviews of real users

Quite a fun shooter

Dignities: Popular shooter, good graphics, has no bugs and bugs, suitable even for weak PCs. Disadvantages: No. Good day, dear ladies and gentlemen. I hope you played games of the shooter genre and understand what it is. Today we will talk about the game FortNite. My personal opinion is the game is made for the teenage generation.

That is the view I get when playing it. After all, there are very few people meet from adults. In General, the game is quite such a cheerful, wellmade, adapted, without any glitches and bugs. However, given the level of the graphics editor, it is not demanding, which is a little strange and at the same time pleasant.

Even if you have the old until she you have will fly. As I put it – it’s a shooter. There’s no meaning, no quests, tasks, then just massacre the crowd at the crowd.

There are no rules, it is possible to destroy anything in any account this game helps to relax. When the brain does not need to strain, but just want entertainment. Therefore, if you like these games, I advise you to play it. I think you will not regret it!

She is sweet

Dignities: fun game, beautiful graphics Disadvantages: not for me. Set I mean igrushechku Fortnite (I must say that it is similar to PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds) that is not who bombed stole everything . Epic games good fellows of course. Made the game free and even optimized. Sorry for the quality. The graphics in the game are good, but since I’m playing with a laptop I can’t allow the graphics above. I played on 4G the game went almost smoothly. The gameplay is very interesting, I played a couple of games, and I liked it very much, the highest I stayed 10, but did not zaskrinil. In the game we also have 100 people. In the beginning, we run and wait for the people, then get on the bus that takes us to the island. Still there is such feature we can break walls of houses )) It amused me very much. I’m happy, and I think will go all in, because it is more fun . The game weighs quite a bit 7 GB.

Start the game we have here through this launcher Good launcher, weighs only 139 MB. The game was loaded at a speed of 2.3 MB . Overall I’m quite pleased, I advise everyone who is not pulled pubg, and even those who have pulled. Since the game is colorful and fun .

This game is another variation of one against all

Dignities: Huge map, popular mode Disadvantages: Brooding management. Plenty and across examining and running the entire map of the “Royal battle” from Fortnite.

I finally resigned to the idea that such game modes are not for me. The game itself and the ENTIRE pve-component paid and pretty expensive, but this large-scale “Royal” PVP-battle Epic Games decided to put for free. The bottom line is that of the 100 players survived only one person. Every man for himself.

We delivers combat flying bus. After landing, we need to find a weapon and at the same time try not to die at the first minute at the hands of other players. Weapons, incidentally, most different – from shotguns and sniper rifles to grenade launchers and grenades. In addition to guns, you can find armor, first aid kits, grenades and traps.

The latter can be installed inside the house, a careless opponent could easily die stumbled on it. Also, there is realized the construction of various obstacles, stairs and walls. Resources for construction can be extracted from almost everything that surrounds you – houses, trees, cars-all this is destroyed thanks to our default pickaxe. Resources are divided into three categories: wood, brick and iron/steel. Each has its own margin of safety. In one place we will not be able to sit, because the area is periodically randomly manner is shrinking, forcing players to face each other. If time will not have time to be in the safe zone, your character dies.

General impressions of the game: – in General, the game is not bad, colorful graphics and sawn in cartoon style. The card is great, and I almost always annoying that you need a lot of running to at least to kill someone, even though the map is a hundred people; – difficult to control, especially hard for me given the construction; I have not figured out how to assign weapons to hotkeys;

– I do not know what happened to my hands, but with a sniper rifle.

I could not kill anyone – all the bullets fly where the bride, but watching rivals in camera mode, I saw that the players kill her quite cheerfully ;D Despite this, the game is addictive and with every battle started, I swore to myself that this time I will act as carefully and carefully as possible, but each time died one of the first.

Judging by the fact that the server is always Packed – this mode is really very popular among players around the world. I played not so much, maybe to get used to all the mechanics and physics of the game you need to spend a considerable number of hours behind it, but I will not do it clearly. But I can recommend – maybe you will like it. Thank you for your attention!

Very good toy


1) Nice graphics.


1) Online.

2) Lack of facilities on the map.

3) Lack of weapons.

4) Terrible optimization. How it happens. Some company produces a great game, and then the rest of the companies want to snatch too piece, and produce similar games, some manage to just make a similar mode in your game. It looks very silly and ridiculous, but, before us one of creations which in pursuit of popularity tries to jump PUBG. Well, let’s see if this product has any chances in the fight. Acquainted with the game by accident, just lay on the table tab to launch the launcher which was my favourite Unreal Tournament, and I couldn’t help but notice a new tab with an unfamiliar game. Glancing at the cover and reading the description I immediately on it scored.

Only after a while, I decided to try it out, because many praised her, and said that this is a great and at the same time a free competitor PUBG.

Class, let’s figure this out. Since this is the Unreal Engine, I was already expecting FPS at around 10, and sharp jumps to 100. The game immediately meets us for free, showing that there is also a PVE, and you need only nothing to buy a pass, and if you do not want to choke on the Royal Battle.

It’s a great start, but all the juice lies ahead. In the main menu, we immediately demonstrate the local graphics, in a cartoon style that I personally do not cause any complaints. Running through the different tabs I was not surprised, the usual SHAREWARE game, with the button * store* which stands out from the other, a bunch of banners with different things that are currently discounts… Nothing special.

Main menu

Having twisted the character in the main menu, I nevertheless went into battle. The selection of players took a very long time, in the area of a couple of minutes, which immediately spoke about unhealthy online in this game.

Well, all, found, yay. There is a download, and I am already in anticipation of a miracle, but in the last millimeters of loading, the game took off, explaining this problem with the engine. Again, I knew what was going on, so not too upset, once again launched the game, waited again matchmaking, voila, booted. Me and other players have thrown in a location before fight, having allowed to enjoy some time of tranquility. All booted up, all booted up, go ahead. We were put in a airship and allowed to fly over the location in which we will fight.


Location by itself is not very big, considering that just 100 players, it is very small. With it, a large part of the unfinished, empty, and transport in this game I have not found. Now 90% of the players jumped down, I also decided not to lag, noticed some house and jumped into the embrace of his roof.

Landed on the roof, and immediately catches the eye feature of this game, picka, which you can break the walls, roofs, iron, thereby earning them, and in the future, you can use these resources to create walls, stairs, and other things. Smashing the roof and finding your first weapon, I started to expect a narrowing of the zone, parallel to gaining these resources. Here we noted the safe zone, and I on foot went to her. As I observed later, weapons in this game emerges not quite in a random way.

Some details

While I was running, I was shot with a sniper rifle by a guy who was in some house. And in subsequent games, in this house always was any kid with these weapons, and I same, virtually always, was with one and the same a rifle. And it is very sad, because the card is so empty, and the bonus to this it lacked a normal weapon.

For beginners

If you are a beginner, like me, you will immediately notice this feature, experienced people rebuild themselves instantly locks as soon as you start to shoot them, that’s kind of cool, and at the same time not. Since there are no distributions to the levels, and online is very small, you will always come across uncle who knows everything that is always the best weapon, and locks up to the sky. After playing a few fights, and the maximum in second place in the battle, I realized that the game is very raw, besides not optimized. It is not enough objects, a variety of weapons online. If you have free time, free disk space and great Internet, I advise you to download this game and play it one evening, and then remove it with a clean soul. Otherwise, if you want a serious project, forget about this game.

PC game – puzzle game

Dignities: Good story, interesting graphics, low price(or free) Disadvantages: Unusual graphics, yet few people online I saw letsplay, toy interested. First bought a set for the story passage. The plot is very average-nothing new, but combined with good graphics time killer. Then came the battle Royale. On the basis of PUBH (who heard will understand). Playing with someone is fun, servers are working fine. Very interesting and unusual graphics. Like a nice cartoon design, but not enough realism. probably getting used to it. Game at least finds quickly, but there are not many people online. I hope to catch up over time. If you want to purely kill time or you like multiplayer games like COP, it is quite a good substitute, besides free (shareware)

Good Game but everywhere disadvantages

Dignities: Online battles, the construction of the base. Disadvantages: How is the extraction of resources Fortnite for the most part similar to tower defense but no, the creators of the game mixed up in the game: maincraft, left 4 dead and tower defense. Though I had to wait for the game since 2011 and on the PC even to say it. Also at the time of writing, the game is not until the end came a voice from which half of the plot is not clear…

Briefly about the gameplay: 1 as soon as I entered the game I like the crazy started to hammer anything and everything when you break rocks, cars and trees. Unconsciously one starts to think that the author likes jelly… 2 when played a little and figured out understand what to do, began to build a base but not without “through the fifth point” 3 is a call of zombie unlike TD, you have to fight with your hands like many important to follow all the walls.

A good game with a great future.

Dignities: Not a bad free game Disadvantages: Naive plagiarism of 2 games In General, we can say that Fortnite plagiarism popular in the world of PUBG, but the developers of Fortnite claim that this is their own idea, in short I will tell you that the graphics are cartoon (which is inherent in all free games).

Also present crafting and building a base that is a little reminiscent of no less popular RUST, but all this We can say that the game is a LMT (Last Man Standing) and an admixture of Rust, you can play with friends a couple of weeks, but then will just simply bored and the game will go into the background in the game yet Donati, but he may soon appear, the game just blinded from 2 games turned cartoon parody of Pubg.

Those who are too lazy to spend their nerves, I advise to play this game, the graphics are well done, in principle, can go for medium-sized companies (but not exactly).

Top game 2017 – 2018

Let’s wait and see. In the meantime, just damp some mechanic. Careful! Review about the game in early access. After the release of the information may become out of date. Fortnite is a game produced by People Can Fly together with Epic games. Built on Unreal Engine 4. The game has two game modes: battle with the storm and the Royal battle.

The first mode is a cooperative pve third-person shooter with elements of Tower Defens. Here we have to play for a member of the team of survivors and protect from hordes of “mozglyakov” important structures for survivors. We have a large location with a significant amount of resources, secrets, loot, and hidden quests.

Competently collected set of buildings and traps. A decent number of weapons and its properties, the extensive pumping system. After the release mode will be available in free2play mode. And now sweet: the Royal battle. Free mode, 100 people are fighting on the island for survival and salvation from the storm which narrows to a random place of the island. Many would think that this is plagiarism PlayerUnknown’of the game’s Battlegrounds, but it’s not.

The original battle Royale appeared as a modification to the shooter ArmA, and its various interpretations take place even in the game of all students MineCraft. Pubg chips our patient did not steal, and brought a lot of their in the form of fun locations, elements of construction and destructible objects. The fact that THEY are made on the Unreal Engine produced by Epic Games and because of this, many things in the game look quite similar in visual and animated implementation.

Graphics and gameplay is perfect

Dignities: Nice looking graphics, free games, Donat does not affect the game against other players, game optimization, the originality of pvp mode. Disadvantages: Paid, dull pve which will bother you in a week or less. In the game there is a volumetric sound and in pvp it brings, but they are already working on it. I play this game almost from release and was always happy with it! Now we will talk about pvp mode.

First and foremost, the main advantages of this game is free! Royal battles now divorced very much, but they are all raw and not optimized in principle, then everything is fine, even on a medium computer it will go. Really like the implementation of new chips in this mode, namely construction, nowhere did not find.

You can be alone in the middle of 4 enemies, but by building around a building, like the tower, you can sit it out and wait until they are fighting with each other. The developers are working hard on the game, every week updates, holidays they add new event and change the design of the game. I recommend to everyone. Pve for everybody, for a week, then get bored.

Weak graphics and physics, poorly implemented world and gameplay

After spending a couple of hours in this game, I realized that there are games and activities much more interesting and exciting than running around on a half-empty map in search of the enemy. Why half-empty? Yes, because the graphics are minimum. Yes, I understand that the style of the game is sharpened by animation.

So to speak, but it would be possible to make the picture more detailes, add more elements and improve the physics of the game. In any case, the present techniques allow you to make games much better. In conclusion, I would like to say that this game is just an attempt to catch up in popularity more successful analogues, while in his race not considering the quality. Yes in this game many players are registered and online too not small. But what is the reason? Yes, the fact that the game requires too much computer and access to it is free.

A cool and original design

The game is fun, very fun. The main advantage why choose the she free. Registration and downloading of the game is carried out from the official website of the game and takes a little time. Management is very simple. The sense, too, quickly becomes clear. Collect weapons, kill others and survive as long as possible. In General, very quickly mastered and forward to work wonders and fun. Graphics are bright, cartoonish characters. Very quickly captures the attention… After two or three hours you start to understand that has carried away so he did not notice these two or three hours, and that’s all that matters. In the end, a lot of buzz and it’s all FREE!!! Dignities:

1)a Lot of weapons, characters, etc.

2)Good optimization

3)Interesting idea

4)A lot of missions Disadvantages: 1)you Need to play a lot,to move a little bit.

Good game. A lot of content-weapons, cards, crafting. On the early even deal in this all quite difficult, but over time you get to use. And what is very important, the game with well optimization. Farm, upgradeable weapons, traps, and don’t forget that the weapon breaks. Go to the “open map” with multiplayer where we extract resources and perform mini-tasks, you can go out and perform their tasks and defend your base. Recently released mode of the Royal battle, which is very cool, landed on the map and looking for weapons to eliminate the players and win, during all this building barricades. There are also chests of which fall cards-weapons, characters, traps. The main farm!



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