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Fortnite forts pyramid

Fortnite forts – Pyramid

Fotnite forts
Fotnite forts

Of course, you can build any Fort you want, from which it will not be less effective. However, veterans Fortnite suggest to build the pyramid, which provides the maximum security Satin on the higher difficulty levels. The pyramid does not take up much space, and you will quickly get used to build it. Then, you can use the base of the Fort pyramid to create your own epic and unique Fort. Find the Atlas, clean up the entire area around it and build the Atlas.

It is very important to liberate the territory from the objects nearby: unnecessary objects can serve as an obstacle for you and as a cover for monsters.


  • After cleaning the area, build the floor over the entire surface around the Atlas.
  • It is best to wood, so as not to spend strategically important resources.
  • Monsters do not attack the floor, so it does not matter from what material it is built.
  • Then edit the outside floor to build a fence around the Atlas.
  • Now put the usual roofs on top of each square with the floor.
  • After you have placed the roof, put the wall between them.
  • Edit the walls to become triangles. E
  • Edit the roofs and lift them to the center of the pyramid.
  • Finally, build a fence around the perimeter around the pyramid and put the roof on top.
  • To enter and activate the Atlas, edit the roof in front of it.

Additional buildings for the pyramid:

  1. Add another roof over the middle of the Atlas if you’re having trouble throwing.
  2. You can build walls around the pyramid above if you have an improved jump or you play as a Ninja.
  3. You can turn your pyramid into a box (if you decide to build high walls around the pyramid) to provide the Atlas with extra protection. 00 shield Booster in Fortnite allows you to expand the base area and, as nistranno, strengthen shields ENU However, the placement of such amplifier will cause discontent storm, and now this object will be the first to attack monsters. Therefore, it is very important to build a protective Fort around the shield amplifiers.

Strengthen fort

Also how best to strengthen and protect the shield amplifiers? See they first meet monsters on the way during the storm when you take off the shield. We offer you such option of strengthening:

  • Prepare the site for construction. Use the stone floor around the perimeter of the 5×5 object.
  • Build a box 3×3 with a height of 2 floors and close it on top of a piece of ceiling. From all sides check a tick on one additional platform.
  • These platforms are designed for the ability of the “BASE”constructor.
  • Place it is on the side, which will go hordes of monsters. With a ladder or a curved roof, place the “box” in the “plate”.
  • Monsters will need to punch two layers of metal to get to the amplifier Board. Use the same building elements to protect the second floor.
  • Add pyramids to the roof – they will protect against explosive ladies. It all started with the floor you laid out with an area of 5×5.
  • Now you need to edit it, turning it into a fence. It will create a third layer of protection.
  • From all sides put the ramps so that the designer can quickly climb the platform and use the ability “BASE”.
  • With those parties, where you break out the storm, build corridors of traps and defeat the monsters there.

Be sure to pump the strength of each piece of strengthening. On one such construction, you will leave 3-4 packs of metal and 1,5 packs of a stone, but the similar design is very strong and reliable.

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