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Construction guide

In this Fortnite construction guide we will try to tell you the basic principles of construction and tell a couple of secrets to build the most epic and impregnable Fort.

constructions fortnite
constructions fortnite guide

First steps

To become a good Builder, you need to understand the proposed tools and tactics of construction:

  1.  Check out the different shapes that you can build and how they connect with each other.
  2. Experiment to find the combinations of structures that will hold back the zombies. A simple example of interference are low walls, through which you can easily jump, and there is no zombie. Or good old doors that zombies can’t open.
  3. Find out what style of construction is best suited to the object. This may depend on the zone in which you are, however, in the beginning there is nothing to be afraid of. In the worst case, in Stonewood you may encounter grannies and destroyers.
  4. Over time, you’ll also learn the routes of the zombie. Often enough one or two walls to change the trajectory of the zombies directly to your traps.
  5. When you don’t have time to make traps yourself, you can use the terrain features as your advantage. Nearby rocks or holes will help disorient the zombies.
  6. Building obviously weak places in your Fort is a great way to get the zombies to gather in the right place for you. Although it is likely better to make your Fort is highly protected. The Fort will always be the place where zombies want to go in the first place: the corners or the middle of the wall. As soon as the section is “filled” attacking zombies, newly arriving zombies will attack neighboring structures.

Tips for building and construction

constructions for fortnite
  • Alternation of stone and metal walls will allow you to confront any elemental enemies. You can even combine both kinds of walls in one square (wall + beveled roof).
  • Stone to protect themselves from arsonists and metal from the elements of ice. Fire destroys wood, and who wants to build their Fort from the weak-stable material? What kind of elementals? Elementals appear only on the planet Plankton, starting with the dif ficulty level Average and above.
  • If you know which elemental you are going to resist, use a suitable wall material and a weaker floor and ceiling material. The ceiling located directly above the object needs to have 1 extra layer of material for the resistance element.
  • Zombies don’t usually attack the floor and ceiling, if the destruction of this structure will not lead them closer to the object.
  • If they are not strictly above the object, they will try to move inward through the walls. It is easier and faster to improve the layer after its construction and only then move on to a new layer than trying to first build all the layers, and then run and improve everything at once. When building, keep in mind that you and your allies should be able to travel freely through the Fort. Add beveled walls or jumping platforms where you can’t quickly get into or out of the base.
  • Each time you add a layer, make sure that the routes remain simple to use. Landscape and neutral structures can become both your friends and enemies. Buildings that are too close can provide protection to grannies, forcing you to run to them. The same applies to the throwers.
  • Sometimes, if the building is large enough, it can serve as additional protection. Just destroy the stairs so that the zombies can not get up and jump on your object. Next to the slopes is very difficult to defend.
  • On one square at the foot of the cliff too. But next to the pits, water or on top of the cliff to defend a pleasure! When looking at each square to build fortifications, think about how zombies can enter this square and decorate it accordingly: If the terrain you can fall from above, you do not build a ceiling. So they will fall down rather than land on your main ceiling. Any flat surface or bevel that you add above the main ceiling is a place where Throwers can throw zombies.
  • They can jump up there if you’re standing there, and the thrower’s paying attention to you. Building an inclined roof as an additional layer to prevent the attack of zombies is a good option if the roof is put correctly. Put the roof on one side and you will get a barrier, rotate the roof 90 degrees and you have already created a shield for enemies! Sloping roofs work as a place where you can hide and restore shields. You can also climb this roof to the next floor using the accelerated jump.
  • NOTE: a Long strip of sloped roofs can suddenly become a safe tunnel for enemies, if you do not add the internal partitions.

This refers to an Outpost where you have to face a lot of waves and the risk of letting the Destroyers safely walk through tunnels to your defense buildings. In any case, the presence of doors in these parts will save you during the battle.

For major builders:

  • Not all allies know that you are building a masterpiece and start adding your design. Politely explain to them your construction plan and that you want to continue working on your own.
  • If you are in a group with another Builder, share the responsibilities with him in sections or fully cooperate: one builds, the other improves. Spending a lot of time building, you will expect that other players at this time will set traps. But that’s not always the case.
  • Gently hint to them that your Fort would not be prevented for the defense of the trap. Do not build your Fort in such a way that only you can understand how to travel around it.

Also, do not build a Fort that takes you 5 days of work. Of course, if you don’t play with friends who know what you’re aiming for. Do not forget to demolish all the trees and other objects that can interfere with you or reduce the visibility of the area.

For construction assistants

  • If you see that someone is working hard, you should ask the Builder whether he needs help or he prefers to work alone. If the Builder is fully immersed in the process. Then you should examine the place of emergence of the zombie and to place the correct traps on their way to your Fort.
  • Pay special attention to the narrow passages. If you have been given a green light on the construction, then pay attention to the proposed style of the Fort and continue in the same spirit, or ask about a specific job. Soon you will learn about the construction plan or just start building what you want.
  • If you put traps and you need an additional surface for them, then look closely, will not break the new surface of the existing route to travel through the Fort. If it does, then either do not put this surface, or adjust the route so that it continues to work. Do not put structures just for the sake of points.

Of course build, but think about how these structures will affect the defense and routes. 100 po Points is not worth the failed mission.

Advanced Video guide for Construction in Fortnite

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